Upcoming Events & News

  • News from the NY Times:

    Both Arturo O’Farrill and Chucho Valdés are the sons of Latin jazz giants, and luminaries in their own rights. They convened in January to perform a couple of concerts and record an album in tribute to their famous fathers, Chico O’Farrill and Bebo Valdés. It represented a passing of the mantle, too: They each have talented musician children, and the next generation of O’Farrills and Valdéses performed as well. The album they made that week is called “Familia,” and it’s out now. “Ecuación,” one of the record’s two Bebo Valdés compositions, is wired with his classic circuitry: complex and kinetic, but courtly above all else. Arturo O’Farrill’s hotshot Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra studs it with some fierce rhythmic punctuation, and Chucho Valdés pays homage to his father with a twirling, ecstatic solo. GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO

  • On December 1 and 2, 2017 Arturo and the Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble will be performing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles – first for a new project called “Sleepless” starting at 11:30 PM – worth staying up for!… and followed by two performances of “24 Hours and a Dog” with the Malpaso Dance Company of Havana on December 2nd. Click here (Los Angeles Music Center) for details and tickets
  • From Arturo and all the members of the Octet and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for all the upcoming holidays! See you in the new year!